Current Competitions

Starting in 2017 we will have two Assigned categories as well as the pictorial category.  
The first assigned is a topic and the second assigned is a photographic technique.  
The assigned images must have been taken after the competition announcement.

You may submit up to 6 images in total,
a maximum of 3 images in any of the three categories (assigned topic 1, assigned topic 2 and pictorial).

Entries in the Pictorial category may be any topic you like as long as the image has been taken within the last 5 years,
unless Nature is the Assigned category.
In that case the images must have been taken within the competition start and end dates.


2017 Competitions

Night Photography & Closeups

You may submit up to a max of 3 images (in any of the two assigned) taken between December 21, 2016 and January  31, 2018  and up to a max of 3 images (Pictorial) taken between January 1, 2012 and March 31, 2017 >> Image upload is now available. Image submission deadline is midnight January  31, 2018.