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The following are links to various articles or web pages that may be of interest to members of the Haliburton Highlands Camera Club.   They are offered as information only and are in no way endorsed by the Haliburton Highlands Camera Club.   If you would like to have other links added to this page, please forward your suggestion(s) to the webmaster.

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Clubs and Associations:

CAPA – Canadian Association for Photographic Art

Canadian Geographic Photo Club

Central Ontario Camera Clubs:

Bancroft Photography Club

Orillia & District Camera Club

Muskoka Photography Club

Halton Hills Camera Club (the other HHCC)

Richmond Hill Camera Club

Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs

Photographic Locations Near the Haliburton Highlands:

Minden Wild Water Preserve

Carden Plain – an Important Bird Area  (a world wide known birding mecca and naturalist reserve near Kirkfield)

Free Photo Software:

Google Photos  – Organize pictures into albums, slide shows, etc.

Microsoft Photo Story  – Photo Story, Raw Image Viewer, etc.

GIMP   – The Free & Open Source Image Editor – Free rival to Photoshop/Photoshop Elements   – Super picture browser/semi-editor  – Free Photoshop plug-ins. – Filters, presets, borders and textures for Photoshop and Lightroom

Miscellaneous Photography Resources:


Understanding Colour Theory in Photography – article on the Henry’s Camera Blog.

Digital Camera World – some of our most popular photography cheat sheets

54 Portrait Ideas: free downloadable posing guide
6 simple lighting setups for shooting portraits at home (plus free cheat sheet)
3 camera lessons every new photographer should learn (free cheat sheet)
Free family portrait photography cheat sheet
Histogram: photography cheat sheets for achieving perfect exposure
Free portrait photography cropping guide
Wedding photography tips: 10 steps to pro-quality pictures
Free wedding photography cheat sheet
What is color temperature: free photography cheat sheet
Free portrait lighting cheat sheet
Metering mode cheat sheet: how they work and when to use them
How to pose for pictures: find the most flattering angles for you and your subjects
What is exposure compensation: free cheat sheet for photographers
Full frame sensor size explained: exploit its advantages for pro-quality pictures
How to calculate hyperfocal distance: free photography cheat sheet
What is ISO: camera sensitivity settings (and the best ways to use them)
Night photography exposure guide: free cheat sheet
Home studio setup: 6 things every photographer needs
Best shutter speeds for every situation
Apertures: when to go small and when to go wide
What is flash sync? Your flash modes and when to use them (free cheat sheet)
Autofocus point options: what subjects should each be used with?
Free Cheat Sheet: what your camera captures at every lens’ focal length
3 ways to affect depth of field: free cheat sheet
The landscape’s greatest challenges: a free photography cheat sheet
Free action photography cheat sheet
A layman’s guide to depth of field: how to check and affect sharpness like a pro
Canon vs Nikon: the DSLR comparison you’ve been waiting for!

Fundamentals of Digital Photography – Articles from DPReview – concepts that underpin the very foundations of digital imaging.

20 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners – Whether you’ve just purchased your first DSLR and want to learn the basics or are looking for simple ways to update your existing photography skills.

Digital Photography Tutorials – Tutorials on ‘How Your Camera Works(Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed, metering, depth of field, focal length & depth of field)’, ‘Qualities of Digital Photos(Bit depth, sharpness, digital noise)’, and ‘Advanced Concepts(sensor sizes, hyper focal distance)‘.    Also a good section on Camera Equipment.

f64 Academy – f64 Academy is the new brand for the teaching materials of Blake Rudis.  It is our goal to bring you the finest Photoshop and Photography education.

Digital Photography Tips & Tutorials for Beginners

10 Best Photography Tips for Beginners

5 Top Tips for Absolute Beginners

Beginners Guide to Digital Cameras

How Do I Focus on One Thing and Meter off Something Else?

Better Digital Photography – 15 Tips for Better Digital Photography

7 Ways to Improve Your Photography –

 Popular Photography How-To’s

Outdoor Photographer Tips & Techniques

Digital Photography School How-To’s – Lots of free tutorials on photographing various subjects.

Digital Photography School – 21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know

Digital Photography School – tips & tutorials

Tips for Shooting & Editing in Camera Raw – Article by CreativePro

Rules of Photo Composition (and why they work)

Easy Composition Guidelines

More Composition Rules

Composition Tips  –  with these links for Composition you will see that there are many thoughts on Composition.  Knowing the rules leads to better images.

HDR – FAQs about HDR Photography

Understanding Depth of Field for Beginners

Photograph the Night Sky – Photo Tutorial (OK, but Glenn’s Stars Workshop covers much more)

All Things Photography – How-to articles relating to many aspects of photography, very useful for beginners as well as more advanced amateur photographers.

Make Better Images with your Smartphone

The History of Photography and the Camera – An interesting series tracing the development of photographic processes and the camera.

George Eastman House – Photographic Processes Series – A ‘YouTube’ series of 12 videos tracing the discovery of photographic processes.

Adobe Photoshop LIGHTROOM:

How To Get Started With Lightroom 5 – 10 Things Beginners Want To Know How To Do  – Adobe TV – there are lots of other links on this page as well

Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5  – Adobe TV  (this is a good starting point to learn from the source)

Adobe Lightroom 5 Training Videos  – YouTube  (these assume that you already know Lightroom basics)

Lightroom 5 (CC) – Watermarks

7 Steps to Getting Organized in Lightroom  – Most important is to Get Organized Before Starting


Photoshop CC – From Novice to Expert – Adobe

Photoshop CC – Watermarks – All things Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorials


Photoshop Elements Help – Adobe

Photoshop Elements How-To – Adobe TV

Photoshop Elements Tutorials on YouTube

Photoshop Elements Help


Photo News  – Subscribe to a free Canadian Photo Magazine  (PhotoNews).  Features the products distributed by Amplis Photo (Manfrotto, Tamron, Tamrac, Metz, etc.) and is a nice glossy photo magazine with good articles.  You can also read these online.  Just click on the images of the magazines at the top of the page and then select what you want to read.

Photo Life  – Canadian Photography magazine.

Photo Workshop  – E-magazine discussing many areas of photography and featuring pro photographers and their work.

Digital Photography Review  – This is an excellent reference site if you are thinking of buying a new camera.   Updated news and reviews of cameras and lenses.

Digital Photo Magazine

Camera Labs  – This site used YouTube for video footage reviews, excellent as you could see the camera in action. They are very unbiased as well.

Canon DSLR Camera and Lens Reviews


Henry’s Camera Store


The Camera Store

B&H Photo

Sites for sharing your Images: